Watanserb.com: Your Gateway to Authentic Arab News in Arabic


Founded in 1990 and headquartered in the United States, Watan News LLC has been a trailblazer in the field of Arab American journalism. Watanserb.com, our dedicated platform, continues this legacy by delivering news in Arabic, connecting readers worldwide with the pulse of the Arab world.

Watanserb.com stands out for its fearless approach to journalism. Born from the need to provide unrestricted and balanced news coverage, especially in regions where Watan.com faced access challenges, Watanserb.com has become a symbol of journalistic freedom and diversity. Our slogan, “Sing a Different Tune,” encapsulates our commitment to presenting fresh perspectives and alternative narratives.

Our journey has been marked by milestones and challenges alike. Despite facing bans in certain Arab countries due to our unwavering dedication to free and honest reporting, we have persevered. Watanserb.com was launched as an alternative domain to ensure continuous access to our content for readers in regions where Watan.com was blocked.

Today, Watanserb.com is not just a news website; it’s a platform that champions the right to free speech and diverse viewpoints. We are dedicated to upholding journalistic integrity, fostering open dialogue, and ensuring that Arab voices are heard globally.

Join us at Watanserb.com to stay informed with the latest news, delve into in-depth analyses, and explore a range of topics from politics to culture, all in Arabic. We are here to keep you connected to the stories that matter most.