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Watan News LLC: A Legacy of Fearless Journalism

In the heart of the United States, Watan News LLC stands as a beacon of Arab American journalism. Our journey began in 1990, when Nezam Mahdawi, a visionary Palestinian-American journalist, founded our corporation. From the outset, Watan News LLC has been committed to delivering credible, impactful news to our readers, staying true to the ethos of free press.

The launch of the Watan newspaper in March 1991 marked the beginning of a new era in Arab American journalism. Our roots strengthened in 1994 when the Arab American Journalists Syndicate recognized our mission’s significance, prompting the relocation of our headquarters to California. This move not only solidified our presence but also amplified our voice within the community.

Watan newspaper quickly rose to prominence, pioneering in unrestricted journalism. We became the first Arab newspaper to boldly cover a spectrum of topics, especially political issues in Arab countries. This fearless approach resonated with Arab immigrants across the United States, leading us to evolve from a monthly to a weekly publication.

In 1995, we expanded our distribution to key states including New York, Texas, Chicago, Detroit, and Washington DC. Embracing the digital revolution, we launched the Watan website in late 1996, becoming one of the first Arab news platforms online. This expansion allowed us to connect with Arab audiences globally, offering them a window to stories that matter.

Our journey, however, has not been without challenges. Navigating the complex political landscape of Arab countries, we have strived to provide balanced coverage, representing diverse viewpoints. Despite achieving over one million daily pageviews by 2013, our commitment to uncensored reporting led to the ban of Watan.com in several Arab countries.

Undeterred, we launched Watanserb.com, an alternative domain, ensuring our readers in blocked regions continued access to our content. Both Watan.com and Watanserb.com operate with distinct editorial focuses, yet united in our mission to offer fresh perspectives and alternative narratives.

“Watanserb.com – Sing a Different Tune,” our slogan, embodies our spirit of divergence and commitment to presenting unique viewpoints.

As we move forward, Watan News LLC remains dedicated to journalistic integrity, fostering open dialogue, and amplifying Arab voices globally. Our story is not just about reporting news; it’s about creating a legacy of fearless journalism that bridges cultures and brings untold stories to light.