About us

Watan News LLC is a distinguished Arab American news media corporation headquartered in the United States of America. Founded in 1990 by Nezam Mahdawi, a Palestinian-American journalist, Watan News LLC has been at the forefront of delivering credible news and information to its readers.

The cornerstone of Watan News LLC is the esteemed Watan newspaper, which made its debut in March 1991, benefiting from the freedom of the press upheld in the United States. Recognizing the significance of its mission, the Arab American Journalists Syndicate recommended relocating the headquarters of Watan newspaper to California in 1994, solidifying its prominence within the community.

Watan newspaper swiftly gained acclaim for its groundbreaking commitment to unrestricted journalism, becoming the first Arab newspaper to fearlessly address a range of topics. Its unbiased coverage of political issues in Arab countries garnered widespread popularity among Arab immigrants in the United States, propelling it to transition from a monthly publication to a weekly printed newspaper.

Expanding its reach further, Watan newspaper extended its distribution to key states including New York, Texas, Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC, in addition to California in 1995. Concurrently, recognizing the growing influence of the internet, Watan News Media Corporation took a pioneering step and launched the Watan website in late 1996, becoming one of the earliest Arab news websites available online. This digital platform provided an invaluable opportunity to engage with Arab audiences worldwide.

Navigating the challenging political landscape in Arab countries, Watan News LLC found itself in a delicate position, endeavoring to provide balanced coverage that encompassed diverse viewpoints from government, opposition groups, and political parties alike.

By 2013, the Watan website had achieved remarkable success, attracting over one million daily pageviews. However, due to Watan’s commitment to reporting freely on sensitive political issues, which often surpassed the limitations imposed by domestic media censorship laws, Watan.com was subsequently banned in certain Arab countries, including the UAE and other Gulf states.

Responding to this obstacle, Watan News Media Corporation launched an alternative domain, Watanserb.com, to ensure continued accessibility for Arab readers residing in countries where Watan.com had been blocked. Both domains, Watan.com and Watanserb.com, continue to operate independently, each offering distinct content tailored to their respective audiences.

Embodying this spirit of divergence, Watanserb.com adopts the resonant slogan “Sing a Different Tune,” signifying its commitment to presenting fresh perspectives and alternative narratives.

As Watan News LLC continues to evolve, it remains steadfast in its dedication to upholding journalistic integrity, fostering open dialogue, and providing a platform for Arab voices to be heard globally.